Meet Senior Liz Chapman


Sereniti Wrancher, Personality Perfectionist

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

“I hate high school.”

What is one thing that’s in your fridge right now?

“Air, probably.”

If you could close one fast food chain, what would you pick?

“White Castle. It’s too greasy.”

What would be the best thing about not having a sense of smell?

“Not having to smell the people around me.”

If you could only speak one word for the rest of your life, what would you say?


What chore do you hate doing?

“My own laundry. I’ll do other people’s laundry but I hate doing my own.”

What is your least favorite mode of transportation.

“Biking. I will bike, but I still hate it.”

Tell me a joke?

“How did the tree get onto the internet?

He logged on.