Meet Sophomore LaShea Shelton


Sereniti Wrancher, Personality Perfectionist

What is one thing you’re really good at?

“I’m really good at math. But also, history.”

How did you become good at these things?

“I like to research these things in my free time when I’m not really doing anything.”

What are other things you like to do in your free time?

“I like to read online comics.”

What is your favorite show?

“’Teen Wolf’. Because I like werewolves, and Tyler Posey is cute.”

Who is one of your biggest inspirations and why?

“One of my biggest inspirations is my family. They always keep me up and keep me going and achieve more in life.”

What is one of your biggest fears and why?

“My biggest fear is heights. I really hate heights because I get really scared when I look down. It feels like I’m falling.”

Since you’re a sophomore now, are you most looking forward to junior year or senior year? And why?

“Junior year because I have access to more fun things.”

If you could pick one color to describe you what would this color be and why?

“Pink because I’m loud and noisy.”

Based on your experiences, what advice would give to your past self?

“Get more friends because you hardly have any friends in high school, and you should have cherished those memories in middle school.”