Seniors Give Advice to Incoming Freshmen

Nick Bowman, Multimedia Guru

  • "Consider your options when it comes to post high school education. Things like trade school or the workforce are a valid alternative to college or university," said senior Sean Ard.
  • "You have a lot to learn, so absorb as much as you can. Have fun, but don’t take yourself too seriously. You will always need friends because high school can be stressful. They will help you in your best and in your worst, so choose wisely. DO NOT get caught up in anything illegal because it will follow you through high school. Be a good person to everyone! Always make time for yourself if you consider yourself introverted. Do the homework! And take note on what you need help on, and get help after school. Always take advantage of extra credit and get close with your teachers because they could help numb your grade up by a letter by the end of a semester. Do extracurriculars, maybe two per year," said senior Draya Buckner
  • “Don’t procrastinate because you don’t have as much time as you might think. Try to get involved with extracurricular activities early because it looks really good when applying to colleges,” said senior Cheyenne Herald.
  • “They need to worry about their grades early on and make sure to be involved in the school activities,” said senior Justin Driver.
  • “High school work can be pretty difficult so don’t be afraid to ask for help," said senior Dajon McClure.
  • "Literally just make sure you have fun; you only got one shot at this whole high school thing," said senior Kenny Weber.
  • "Enjoy your freshman year because by junior year, it can get very stressful," said senior Jordyn Fort.
  • "I would say that it is super super important to branch out and try things you’ve never tried before. Looking back, I don’t have many memories at North. I wish I was more comfortable with myself earlier and more outgoing. Don’t stress and just enjoy your time, honestly it goes by so quickly. If you want to do something, you should 100% do so," said senior Mercedes Nesbit.