Junior Gabi Brawner Shares What Singing Means to Her


“I am interested in possibly pursuing music in the future. I do have other interests that could turn into careers, but singing is definitely an option I have in mind," said Gabi Brawner.

Diana Baeza, Profile Perfectionist

When did you first start to sing?

“I have been singing since I was little, but I really got into it and realized how much I loved it in 5th grade. I was in the Parkway All-District Choir and ever since then I’ve been in choir every year and continue to work on and grow in my singing.”

Why do you continue to sing?

“I continue to sing because of how happy it makes me. Whenever I sing, I feel like I can take a break from whatever stress or problems I have at the moment. One of my favorite things to do is just belt out my favorite song when I’m home, especially when I’m home alone, and there are no other distractions.”

Where have you spent your time singing other than at school?

“Outside of school, I am on the Praise and Worship Teams at my church, both the Main Worship and Youth Worship. I was also recently featured on my dad’s album, he is a rapper. Music runs in the family, and I sang on a couple of songs. Other than that, I just sing around the house constantly. I’ll sing while doing everyday tasks or sing duets with my sister. I have posted a couple of song covers on social media, not a lot, but I want to do more in the future.”

In what way has your passion for singing grown?

“It continues to grow on me by continuously bringing me joy. I honestly can’t imagine a day where I say I don’t want to sing anymore. I love finding new songs to learn and practicing new skills, like doing runs—which I’m trying to work on right now. Sometimes, I hear a certain song and I just have to learn and sing it right then. Right now the song ‘Husavik’ from the movie ‘Eurovision’ is that song for me. I got chills when I first heard it and started learning it immediately.”

What’s the most significant way that singing has impacted you?

“I think singing has helped me get out my shell a little bit. I’m more of a quiet person in general but I used to be extremely shy with extreme stage fright. Over the years, I’ve opened up a lot and I am more willing to sing in front of others. Granted, I still am not the most outgoing person, but I’d like to say I’ve grown.”

Other than just being a hobby, what does singing mean to you?

“Singing is a part of who I am because it’s one of my main outlets of expression. It helps me connect to and express my emotions. I have specific songs that I’ll listen to and sing depending on what I’m feeling, like ‘One Day at a Time’ by Ateez.”