Junior Asish Panda Describes Impact of Chess on His Life


“Chess is a brain game; it improves student’s analytic and strategic thinking. So it will be great for my fellow friends and juniors to join my school’s chess club and learn chess,” said junior Asish Panda, who became an expert of the United States Chess Federation (USCF) in January, obtaining a rating range of 2000.

Diana Baeza, Profile Perfectionist

How has chess made an impact on you?
“Chess helped me to grow as a human being. It made me more confident about taking decisions as well made me more responsible. As in the game of chess, our best moves make us win or we lose the game.”

What makes you enjoy the game of chess?
“I enjoy the game of chess because if we win, we feel good that what we planned for the whole game becomes reality. And if we lose, we learn where we made mistakes and try not to repeat that mistake in future games.”

What does that say about you as an individual?
“Because of chess, I come across many people. After the game, we mostly analyze the game. This makes us be more social. Chess makes people more patient and inspires us to do more hard work.”

How has chess affected you in these difficult times?
“During this pandemic situation, if any game became more popular, it is chess – not only in the U.S. but around the whole world. As chess can be played online, the recent chess olympiad was held online where 163 countries participated. In October, the U.S. Championship is going to be held. But you see all the major events of other sports postponed or canceled. I played many online chess tournaments and also earned some prize money. I got training online. I watched all the big chess events.”

What are your goals for chess?
“All chess players want to be a Grandmaster one day. But chess taught me to plan step by step by step. Now my goal is to be a National Master(2200 USCF). I am trying my best with all my high school studies.”

I hear you started a website for chess players, how is it going?
“This summer I created a chess-related website chesskingstl.com after I learned HTML(HyperText Markup Language). Though it is not fancy and dynamic, it’s for beginners who want to learn and take interest in chess.”