Sophomore Allison Lam discusses new club, Asian Culture Club


Having 30 members, Sophomores Allison Lam and Anna Guo created the Asian Culture Club at North. The next meeting will be held either on Jan. 18 or 25.

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What is the purpose of the club?
“The purpose of the Asian Culture Club is to promote diversity and share different Asian cultures with each other.”

Why did you start the club?
“Anna Guo and I started the club for fun since a few close friends liked the idea and wanted to join. We never thought so many other people would join as well.”

How did you start it?
“We asked some classmates if they would be interested in joining our club and told them to ask their friends as well. When we had enough people, we filled out a club application and the club was started.”

What are your plans for this club?
“I hope to meet once a month and talk about/share different things about our cultures like food, games, traditions, etc. We just had a snack-themed meeting today which many people enjoyed.”

What would you like to accomplish?
“I would like for people to just become more open-minded to trying new things and learning more about new cultures. We also would like to hold a cultural event sometime.”

What are your overall thoughts about the club so far?
“I’m very proud of what the club has become. It makes my day to hear people enjoy our meetings.”

What is one big takeaway you want people to know about the club?
“I would like people to know that anyone can join our club, no matter their race or ethnicity because none of those things should ever stop anyone from learning about new cultures. If you would like to join, please follow and dm us @pnhasiancultureclub on Instagram.”