Senior Grace Koo started painting tote bags for fun near the end of 2021 and began her small business near the beginning of this school year. The prices vary based on the difficulty of the design, said Koo.
Riley Gibbons shares her passion for music
Freshman Sophie Wong: “I saw lots of family over break. I also went to the St. Louis Arch. I have visited multiple times, but this was my first time going inside and experiencing what it’s like.”
Sophomore Jaidyn Peeler reviews for her math final exam but is unsure if it will be taken virtually or in-person. As things currently stand, students are still required to wear masks and are in-person. However, that may all change. The mask mandate is being challenged, and masks may no longer be required to start the second semester. Furthermore, with COVID-19 cases peaking, students and teachers are unsure if school will pivot to virtual. However, if school is in-person and the mask mandate is retracted, Peeler will continue to wear her mask regardless. “It can be a pain sometimes, but it is needed. Wearing a mask everyday keeps lives safe.” As of Jan. 7, there are 594 active cases in the Parkway School District. If the cases continue to increase, the challenge against the mandate might not go through and Parkway could even be virtual.
Staff, students discuss new cell phone policy
North to Host Flu Shot Clinic
Parkway High Schools Get New Schedule
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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” Review
“Fighting Demons” Review: A rollercoaster that only goes downhill
“Battlefield 2042” Lacks Soul
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Senior Grace Koo discusses small business, customizing tote bags
Popularity grows in building PCs
Sophomore Allison Lam discusses new club, Asian Culture Club
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Ade Popoola sets school record for points in a game
Students, staff excited for hockey season
Sophomore Yvonne Shannon places seventh in State tennis tournament
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