Stiller Starts North’s First Juggling Club


Latin and English teacher Adam Stiller juggles yellow tennis balls in his classroom. The juggling club meets every Tuesday in room 1500.

Zainab Khan, Radical Reviewer

As the school year continues, students begin looking for extracurricular activities like sports or clubs to get involved and meet new people. The newest addition to the after school activities list is the juggling club which meets every Tuesday in room 1500.
The juggling club is sponsored by Latin and English teacher Adam Stiller, who became a sponsor because of his interests in juggling. He also sponsors the chess club and Dungeons and Dragons club.
“I became interested in juggling and wanted to share it. It’s a pretty social activity and also physical, so I think both aspects draw in a lot of students,” said Stiller.
When Stiller noticed that some of his students were interested in juggling too, he decided to offer the club as an option.
“We have a core group of 5-6 with some skill, and interest spread from there,” said Stiller.
Students in the juggling club are able to learn and practice juggling for about an hour each meeting. In that time, Stiller and the more experienced students teach the newer people the basics and also a couple tricks.
“Mr. Stiller does his best to try and teach the new people how to juggle and how to do new tricks. But students also help with the teaching part,” said senior Kenny Weber, who joined the club in hopes of finding something to do after school and getting more involved with his classmates..
Currently, approximately 20 students are in the club.
Weber said he joined the club because he “was interested in it and wanted to do something after school.”
Stiller also wants students to know that the club could be a time for students to relax and destress after their school day.
“At heart, it’s just fun. We’re not trying to build up college resumes or plant the seeds for future careers. We’re just having a good time,” said Stiller.
In terms of whether this club will participate in competitions, Stiller indicates that he doesn’t “foresee a competition team” at the moment.
“For now, we’re just for fun,” said Stiller.
The juggling club is open to any student who wants to join. It’s not necessary for students to come to every meeting or for them to know about juggling.
“If you want to meet some cool people and learn how to juggle, join. We all screw up and we all laugh about it,”said Weber.