Yearbook Powers Through COVID-19


This year’s yearbook theme is “Nothing About This is Planned” which sums up this year’s events well. Yearbooks should be delivered in July.

Brandon Lightfoot, Photo Expert

Since school has now switched over to E-learning, it has become difficult for students and staff to connect with each other. Along with schools being closed, spring sports, prom and other activities have been cancelled. This has made things very unique for the yearbook class, trying to finish the yearbook for this year. 

“In times like these, the yearbook takes on an even greater importance. Five, ten, thirty years from now when this is all over, we’ll want to go back and relive that time somehow. The yearbook will most likely be the only artifact that students will have. Our job of recording students’ thoughts and feelings have never been more important, and we’re still working hard to finish the book solely focusing on COVID-19 and how it’s affected us,” said yearbook adviser Scott Kreher.

Since nobody is at school and no activities are going on, it has been a challenge getting content. In spite of many things being cancelled, it hasn’t stopped the yearbook staff  from covering Parkway North’s activities. Instead of covering events like prom and graduation, they are now focusing on how people are still celebrating and coming together while physically being a part.

“Instead of the normal prom, we looked at what people did with their dates during quarantine.  Some people even did prom with their pets and we covered that. It’s hard covering things when no one is at school,”said senior Katie Catalano, member of the yearbook staff.

Not being at school has presented challenges in trying to contact people. Instead of being able to interview students while in school, yearbook staff members are now limited to emails and other forms of communication. 

“The biggest challenge has been finding a wide group of people to interview. We used to be able to go [to the commons] during all three lunches to find people to talk to, but now it’s harder. Also, we have to rely on submitted photos which tend to be lower quality. It’s just harder to stay connected and report on things around school when no one is at school,” said Kreher.

Although it was a challenge and nothing like they have done before, the team’s hard work will still produce a book for this year. Yearbook sales ended in early February but by parent demand, companies are opening back up for orders. The link to order a yearbook is  Type in school code 17226. If you ordered a yearbook, delivery will hopefully be on July 20.