Sophomore Hannah An Highlights Ups, Downs of Her Busy Life


“Not only are many of the activities that I planned for this year (internships, music competitions, etc.) are canceled, but my motivation to exceed has definitely taken a hit.” said Hannah An. “I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing okay, and that this situation is almost over so hang in there.”

Diana Baeza, Profile Perfectionist

What activities are you involved in now?
“I run cross country and track, play viola in the symphonic orchestra and play the piano. In addition, I’m in a poetry club, Mu Alpha-Theta, Beta Chi Phi, StuCo, and a couple more clubs that have been put on pause this year because of the pandemic.”

Why are you interested in these activities?
“I love expression, which is why I love what I do. Running and playing classical music gives me physical credence and confidence in my research (which is about muscles) that will eventually allow me to express my knowledge in a way that directly helps people. Additionally, classical music and poetry are powerful modes of expression.”

What do you hope to gain from these activities?
“From my activities, I hope to gain a nuanced perspective on how to express my ideas. Whether it is through science or musical interpretation, as I progress through my knowledge of these subjects, I gain valuable insight into how to share my ideas.”

What are your goals?
“Of the activities I am currently doing, my goals are to not get injured (running), progress through the foundations of my research, and stay relatively sane. The simplicity of these goals are a bit contradictory to my normal mindset, but there isn’t much that is normal nowadays.”

How were you managing your time with these many activities?
“Currently, my schedule is very light compared to last several years; at most, I [would] have two hours of activities and two hours of homework. Last year, I would get home at 6-7 and have a minimum of two hours of homework. Besides clubs and schoolwork, I practice piano and viola, but again, my consistency has definitely decreased compared to last year.”

What do you do when you are losing motivation?
“When I lose motivation, I use my social group to push me, because I know I would do the same for my peers. I am a socially driven person.”

Why is it worth it?
“Even though my main extracurriculars can be quite draining, being able to use the skills I learned through those activities in real life makes it incredibly gratifying.”