Senior Ashanti Dake Discusses Her Small Business


Senior Ashanti Dake is a cosmetics entrepreneur. She started her business, Simply Dolled, in September 2020. Dake paid and took a class with a licensed aesthetician to get certified. “I always felt like it was something weighing on me because I wanted to start it freshman year as just a lipgloss business but pushed it to the back of my mind,” said Dake.

Diana Baeza, Personality Perfectionist

What does your business do?
“I officially got certified and am now a lash extension and brow technician. That means that I not only make and sell beauty cosmetic products and accessories but I also offer beauty services like lash extensions and makeup appointments.”

Why did you decide to start it?
“I’ve always been into the beauty industry, practicing since before I can remember and people always told me I was doing good [a good job]. Once we went on lockdown after COVID-19 hit. I noticed on social media that a lot of people were starting to make their own businesses and some were similar to what I wanted. I thought ‘If this pandemic has taught us anything, [it’s] that life is short, and if they can do it, so can I.’”

What were some setbacks?
“When growing my business it’s hard to stay consistent when promoting and I sometimes still struggle with it today. Also, when it comes to my website, I have to constantly stay updated and make sure I’m reaching my targeted audience. When I first started out, I was working two jobs so it was hard to find time to practice because they both are tedious jobs so I had to develop a lot of patience with myself and trust the process.”

What are your goals?
“After high school, I plan on getting a bachelor’s degree in business. My goal with Simply Dolled is to eventually open up a beauty bar where women or anyone who wants to can come to enhance their beauty. [Whether it be] by treating themselves with self-care services like getting their hair, nails or makeup done, or by being in a safe place.”

What keeps you striving to move forward?
“I feel like it’s one of my many purposes in life to help people this way. I have dreamt [this] lifestyle I want, so I look to God most of the time.”

How does Simply Dolled define who you are?
“This has helped me realize that I’m the one in control [of my life] and if I really feel passionate about something, I will and can make it happen no matter what others think. Anyone can be a “go-getter” but it’s all about being patient and persistent until you exceed your goals. And I know I will exceed [expectations] in the years to come.”