Senior Micah Frank discusses passion for Lego building, project


“Starting from scratch and building everything the way I want to is probably the most fun. Choosing how the buildings will look, adding trees and detail is also fun,” said senior Micah Frank.

Diana Baeza, Personality Perfectionist

What is your current project?

“I’m building a Lego city. My hope is to make it around 4ft by 4ft. I want to add a beach and make a little Main Street. I might not commit to that, so I might make a soccer stadium instead.” 


Where did it all begin? 

“I started the idea of the city around December last year, and it’s been slow progress. However,  it takes a lot of time and motivation.”


What makes you love Legos?

“I began with those large baby-sized blocks that could connect. Then, when I was five, I made the transition to Duplo (the larger-sized Lego system). I graduated from that a year later and started building my collection. From there, I would wait until my birthday for those big Lego sets and having accumulated a few sets, (I) tore them down and started building MOCS or ‘my own creations’.”


How has it influenced your life?

“Legos have definitely been a huge influence, introducing me to the world of architecture and construction. I liked putting things together really early on, so it must go back to before I can even remember. Legos are great because it allowed me to have this implementation of a concept I thought of in my head and actually build it; create stories and worlds from it.”


On average, how much money did you spend?

“I can’t give an estimate because I’m taking thousands of pieces from my collection. I will say it’s definitely going to be more than $1,000 when complete but this is an accumulation of 13 years of collecting Lego.”


Regardless of the cost, what other obstacles did you have to overcome?

“The biggest obstacle is time. Unlike computer software there aren’t shortcuts to designing everything. On top of that, you have to scavenge for the right parts which takes about half the time. You also have to test the design, see if it looks nice/structurally sound.”


What are your goals that you would like to accomplish?

“I’m going to work over the summer, After I get off work tends to be when I’m the most productive. It’s not like a commission, so I’m not rushing myself to finish it.  I will see where it ends up by the end of the summer.”