Freshman Class Show Uniqueness With Monthly Crown Tradition

Zainab Khan, Staff Writer

Freshmen wear Burger King crowns every month to show their class pride. Bell hopes to set a new norm with the class of 2022.

On Oct. 22, freshmen at North High School celebrated their tradition of wearing a crown on the 22nd day of each month to represent their graduation year: 2022.

Ninth grade principal Jada Bell begin this tradition to connect with her class of 2022 since she was new last year and was only able to enjoy one short year with the class of 2018.

“I think it’s pretty cool. I think it’s something unique that we can do,” said freshman Quade Sherman.

Paper crowns from Burger King are often seen being passed around in the mornings or other times during the day to be worn. This has become popular at North as most classes don’t participate in class traditions, and it’s a positive way to get the class involved together.

“It’s a lot of fun. I mean it’s not every day that you get to wear a crown, and it just makes me feel high and mighty,” said Sherman.

Although this seems like a silly way for students to enjoy each other and school, Bell believes this activity will help stimulate leadership and help younger students develop leadership skills.

“It is my mission for you all to understand you are leaders…I want you all to act as such,” said Bell.

Bell says that this tradition of wearing crowns symbolizes “royalty” in the freshmen class, and it shows how she wants this class to be role models for the incoming classes.

“I thought it would be fun to make it a royal thing, and so the crowns represent the ‘kings and queens’ because I view you all as little kings and queens,” said Bell.

Bell views the freshmen class as “trendsetters” and wants them to be the class that inspires the other grade levels.

“I want the class of ‘22 to set a new norm, and perhaps other grade levels will start their own trend. But when I met the class of ‘22 last year, while [they] all were in 8th grade, I noticed [they] all were trendsetters,” said Bell.

As for the future, Bell says she would like to keep this tradition going, but is open to more ideas if anyone has any.

“I don’t know what next year might hold,” said Bell.

Until then, the freshmen will continue to wear crowns on the 22nd day of each month to show their uniqueness and hopefully inspire others to show grade level pride year round.