Enchambered: Live Escape Room Adventure Review


Enchambered is an interactive website filled with puzzles and escape room scenarios. There are about 10 puzzles and with each one comes a couple of clues to solve the puzzle and complete the challenge.

Zainab Khan, Radical Reviewer

During this time of quarantine and staying inside all day, there’s not much to do besides eat, sleep, do some homework or watch Netflix. With limited options, it’s important to try new things especially now that North students are stuck at home and have more time on their hands. Luckily there are a lot of games, trends, puzzles and hobbies out there that to be tried when there seems to be nothing to do.
A free to play, but still fun game to try is a website called enchambered.com. Enchambered is an interactive website in which there are about 10 online puzzles, each with a different problem or scenario. Along with that, the player is given instructions with clues.
For example, in one puzzle the player is a paranormal investigator trapped in a haunted study. The players’ job is to find a distorted note. To escape, the note’s code has to be broken through a series of puzzles and clues.
In another puzzle there’s a set of numbers that have to be sorted and solved by identifying patterns.
Enchambered was made in Sacramento, California with the goal to “build exciting games for groups of players to ‘escape reality’ for a short while,” according to Enchambered’s website. It sounds like a perfect thing to try when staying inside all day. The Enchambered game can be accessed through your phone, computer and Chromebook.
The first sight when the website opens is a spooky, black and red, almost Halloween themed screen which adds to the playing experience. But if scary things aren’t your thing, don’t worry because the actual puzzles themselves aren’t scary, it’s only the website’s theme.
The puzzles are in no specific order and they vary in terms of difficulty. Some are easier, while others require more thinking. The puzzles are also very short. They don’t take an hour to do unless puzzles are hard for you. In that case, they will take more time.
The way that the site’s designed doesn’t force the player to guess answers to the puzzles. What’s so cool about the features of these puzzle games is that you can drag, turn and move objects on your screen with your cursor or finger to solve the puzzle which makes it not only easier to use, but also more fun and interesting.
Many studies are showing how beneficial mind games and puzzles can be, especially during quarantine, since they help strengthen the human brain and previously acquired skills. Puzzles are also good for improving our thought processes and mental speed.
So if you are finding yourself bored doing the same thing all the time, I suggest you try Enchambered. It’s a very captivating and engaging interactive puzzle game fit for anyone who’s willing to play.