“Are We There Yet?” To Leave Netflix at the End of February


“Are We There Yet?”, directed by Brian Levant, stars Ice Cube, Nia Long, and Aleisha Allen. This movie, along with other movies that Ice Cube starred in, will be leaving Netflix at the end of February to free up space for new content.

Zainab Khan, Radical Reviewer

It is common for Netflix to remove titles off of their server so that there is space for newer content. Now, Netflix plans to remove “Are We There Yet?” and other movies on Feb. 28, making these coming weeks the last chances to watch it on the service before it’s gone.
Even though this movie is over 15 years old, it is still very popular since it is funny, well-acted, and has a meaningful, although predictable, storyline. Since debuting on Netflix on Jan. 1, 2019, the movie is number five on Netflix’s Top 10 movie list.
The story follows the main character, Nick, a carefree guy who works at a collectables sports shop in Portland, OR. He is a sports fan, loves cars and absolutely despises kids. It all changes when Nick meets a woman, Suzanne, that he’s interested in and realizes that she has two children, Lindsey and Kevin. Nick decides that he is willing to change and put up with her kids for the sake of getting to know Suzanne better. When emergency strikes, he offers to accompany the kids to Canada to meet their mother. The trip to the final destination is not a smooth one: Lindsey and Kevin still hope to keep their mother and father together, so they mischievously prank Nick the entire trip to make his life miserable.
Ice Cube plays his character in a very comedic and funny manner. He is relaxed, a little immature and throws money at the kids to solve conflicts. His behavior comes with the caveat that he does it all just to be part of Suzanne’s life.
The actors of the children Lindsey and Kevin, also put on an amazing show. The kids are what made the movie so chaotic. They were the reason for all the mishaps that were incorporated in the story, such as the car being set on fire at one point. They made it even more amusing and fun to watch.
It was interesting how the director, Brian Levant who is also known for directing a few “Scooby Doo” movies and “The Spy Next Door,” of the movie portrayed the development of the relationship between Nick and the kids. They were strangers, s Nick and the kids went along on their adventure, from missing both the plane and the train, to driving all the way in the car, they really started to bond and learn more about each other. They were strangers but one trip bonded them into a family.
There are some impractical and unrealistic scenes included in the movie too. However, they don’t distract from the main storyline or from the humor. For example in one part, Nick and the kids end up falling off a cliff in the vehicle after being chased by a trucker and the car lands perfectly, with little damage. In reality, this wouldn’t happen at all, but it adds to the humor of the movie because of the thrill of all the chaos being shown.
In another scene, at the beginning of the trip, they get kicked out of the airport because Kevin puts a corkscrew in Nick’s pocket, causing the metal detector to go off. As a result, five or six guards attack him to the ground. It adds to the plot because it also marked one of the first pranks the kids play on him, and those scenes were always very funny.
The adventures of the troublesome kids and Nick doesn’t end with this movie. A sequel by the name of “Are We Done Yet?” was released in 2007. It includes the same characters with a different plot.
“Are We There Yet?” is a classic to revisit or watch for the first time. It is perfect to watch on this upcoming three day weekend or any future snow days. It’s unfortunate to see this one leaving Netflix since, compared to a few other comedy movies on there, it was quite enjoyable to watch. Be sure to watch “Are We There Yet?” before it leaves Netflix at the end of the month.