Junior Varsity Soccer Works to Overcome Challenges


North’s junior varsity soccer team has had to overcome challenges, but they are headed in the right direction. “They are alright sometimes they mess up but they usually get right back to the game,” said sophomore and junior varsity soccer player Garret Davies.

Chris Sanders, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the season, the junior varsity soccer team struggled to find new players, but as the season progressed, more people joined and they began working together.

“My friend Eric inspired me to join the soccer team. On top of that, I am trying to lose weight,” said junior varsity player freshman Lateif Smith.

Even though the team lost their first game against Francis Howell North 8-0 and their second game to Pattonville 4-0, they are practicing tediously to get their first win. As a whole, the team feels that they are progressing.

“The junior varsity team has come a long way. They [are] improving with every practice and every game that they have played, and that says a lot about the players and the coach,” said varsity soccer head coach Saverio Traversa.

A good coach is also vital to a team’s progression throughout the season. A coach of a successful team should teach good discipline and responsibility.

“I think Coach is doing really a good job. He always makes sure we are 100 percent at our best at all times,” said Smith.

“Coach Traversa and Coach Freebersyser bring a wealth of experience to the program. I have been fortunate to work with them the past couple of seasons with the girls and have been able to utilize some of their exercises and techniques,” said junior varsity coach Kevin Endrijaitis.

The team and coaches have high expectations for the season and are focusing not only on winning but also on having fun and supporting each other off of the field. A team’s success always depends on the type of characteristics that everyone has.

In addition to learning important values and having fun, sports can be a great way for new students to meet new people.

“I think it’s definitely a great way to find and talk to new people,” said varsity player freshman Eric Mendez.

The questions that a team must ask themselves are if they want to win, have the determination and work well as a team.

“I hope we work better as a team and make sure we stay dedicated,” said Mendez.

The next game is at home against Kirkwood on Oct. 4.