Freshmen Eric and Samuel Lipsutz experience AP calculus


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How did you end up in that class?

“Sam and I have always had high aptitudes for math, so in 5th grade, we were tested by the district and put into algebra at the middle school. From there, we advanced all the way to calculus normally.” – Eric Lipsutz

Do you like or dislike being in difficult classes so early on and why?

“We enjoy being in a class that challenges us since we get bored when we aren’t challenged enough. Also, we both like math in general.” – Eric Lipsutz

Why do you take such advanced courses? 

“It’s mostly because we like challenging ourselves and learning things. We find more advanced material to be more interesting.” – Eric Lipsutz

What are some obstacles you had to deal with so far?

“All of the other students have been very respectful. Honestly, we haven’t experienced many obstacles to doing well in class.” – Eric Lipsutz

What are your academic goals?

“Sam and I want to do well in class and pursue STEM in college. I’m thinking about computer science, but Sam isn’t sure what exactly he wants to do yet.” – Eric Lipsutz

In what ways do these advanced courses help identify who you are?

“For the most part, it identifies us as nerds to others… although it doesn’t constitute a major part of our identities.” – Eric Lipsutz

What is one thing you would want people to know about you?

“For the most part, we’re still just fairly normal people that are good at dealing with academics.” – Eric Lipsutz