Fitz’s top 10 sodas


Fitz’s Delmar location has 4.5 of 5 stars on Google and is a cornerstone of St. Louis’s impressive catalog of restaurants. This is greatly due to Fitz’s delicious selection of sodas but some are better than others.

Jalen Williams, Radical Reviewer

St. Louis was named one of the Best Foodie Cities in America in 2021 because it has a variety of interesting local restaurants with Fitz’s being among the most notable. Fitz’s is a craft root beer and soda restaurant located in the Delmar Loop and has been open since 1993. The restaurant expanded to create a second restaurant in South County in 2018. The store in the Loop is considered a St. Louis cornerstone and attraction.

The restaurant is considered an attraction because restaurant-goers can watch the bottling process live while eating. Fitz’s currently has 19 different flavors, 10 of which will be featured and ranked in this review.

Soda #10 – Shirley Temple is reddish in color and is packaged in a pink, blue and yellow color scheme sticker. This soda has more of a fruity, cherry flavor to it and It was good, but after a couple sips, there was a noticeable aftertaste formed.

Soda #9 – Orange Pop, labeled with an orange, green and blue sticker, has a citric taste like your general orange soda but when compared to an alternative like Vess soda, which St. Louis is also home to, it gets blown out of the water both in terms of price and taste.

Soda #8 – Hip Hop Pop has a very classic taste and is similar to Fitz’s root beer but with an even sweeter twist. It’s a good one to go to if other options aren’t jumping out to you, but it is pretty basic and a little too sweet for my taste.

Soda #7 – Root Beer is Fitz’s holy grail and grandfather of sodas, as it was their first soda, made back in 1947. It was discontinued in 1976 but returned with the original recipe in 1991. If you’ve never tried anything from Fitz’s, this is definitely a great place to start where their venture began. It goes with everything that Fitz’s serves, and is enjoyed no matter who you are but is also pretty basic.

Soda #6 – Grape Pop, with a purple and black color schemed label in a clear bottle, isn’t the best grape soda but is also definitely not the worst grape soda I’ve tasted. There are multiple factors for it being lackluster such as almost no carbonation, making it more like a juice instead of soda. It is sweet, of course, because they use pure sugar similar to the Orange Pop’s quality but in a different, better flavor.

Soda #5 – Cardinal Cream is a local delight and dedicated to St. Louis’s MLB team, the Cardinals. The bottle carries a color scheme of red, black and yellow identical to the bird itself with a transparent bottle showing the aptly colored red drink. The soda tastes similar to the Premium Cream ranked ahead with an added fruity flavor similar to Shirley Temple. It’s a nice combination.

Soda #4 – Premium Cream Soda is the first soda I tried from Fitz and it tasted better than most brand sodas that people drink on a day-to-day basis. It has less carbonation and does not have any acidic taste to it at all.

Soda #3 – Orange Cream is a flagship of Fitz’s catalog, and it lives up to that reputation. A step up from their original orange soda, it’s smooth and not too sweet and is great year-round.

Soda #2 – Black Cherry, with a classic red and black label, goes well in any season. It’s still sweet but has a very full flavor that makes it stand apart from the rest of Fitz’s catalog, making it one of my favorites.

Soda #1 – Keylime, one of the more unique flavors in a lime green themed label, really does taste just like an actual key lime pie and is a summertime classic. It is sweet and light and my top pick of all of the Fitz’s sodas I tried.

Fitz’s, St. Louis’s craft microbrewery turned restaurant, helps St. Louis be on the list for great food and restaurants. It is valuable and accessible to everyone who wants to try the different craft sodas, root beers or floats. They also have good food to accompany the drinks. Fitz’s is open on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.