Streaming services review


With new competition in the streaming market, Netflix’s stock has taken a massive dip. Perhaps you should join the crowd and switch from the classic to a new (and maybe better) alternative.

In 2022, we are at a time where there are more streaming services than one can count, all of which offer different pros and cons and seemingly endless catalogs. With the emergence of newer services such as NBC’s Peacock and CBS’s Paramount Plus, it is easy for consumers to be overwhelmed, so we’ve written this look into each one with that in mind.

For as long as streaming has existed, Netflix has as well. They have paved the way for other platforms and—for years—have been the benchmark for streaming services. However, those days seem to be coming to an end unless changes are made to the company. Netflix stock is down 42% in the past month, and 38% in the past week as they report losing customers for the first time, making them the worst performing stock on the S&P in 2022. Much of this is attributed to the recent price increase of the service, increasing prices by over 10% to a total of $10 a month from the previous $9, which, considering the new competition, makes it easy for customers to switch platforms. Adding further insult to injury to consumers, Netflix’s CEO announced that within the next few years there is a possibility that ads will be added. The platform has always pushed the fact that they do not have advertisements, and adding them could be a blow to users.
The other issue with Netflix is that the catalog is not what it once was. While they still have big name shows such as “Stranger Things”, “Breaking Bad” and “Peaky Blinders”, they have lost “The Office” and “Friends”, their two former flagships, to Peacock. Despite all this, Netflix remains one of the biggest platforms, and for good reason. The simple design of the app, as well as great usability make it a good platform.

Amazon Prime Video:
Prime Video is often overlooked, as it lacks the brand name of bigger platforms like Netflix and Hulu. However, the fact that it comes free with Amazon Prime means that many people already have access to it, and in turn, overlook it. It has great shows like “Reacher”, “The Expanse” and the “Grand Tour” and has options to rent movies that can’t be found on other platforms. The X-ray feature is great, as it allows viewers to see which actors and songs are in a scene with just the click of a button. However, the app is extremely confusing, as it often mixes paid and free content without dividing them, and it is difficult to find what you are looking for or simply browse for something new to watch.

Hulu is one of the best budget options, with a $7 plan that includes ads. It has a great selection of reality TV and cooking shows that are up as soon as they are broadcast on cable, unlike Netflix, where viewers need to wait until seasons conclude. Hulu is also the best option for Anime, with an absolutely massive selection of the biggest and best, such as “Attack on Titan”, “FullMetal Alchemist” and “My Hero Academia”. However, its shortcomings are where Netflix and Prime excel. Its list of original shows and movies is lackluster, and in terms their TV catalog is fairly limited beyond anime and reality shows.

HBO Max:
In terms of catalog, HBO max is without a doubt the best streaming service. The platform has decades of the best TV and movies to tap into: “The Wire”, “The Sopranos” and “Game of Thrones” as well as movies like “Goodfellas”, “The Dark Knight” and so much more. On top of that, the app is almost as easy to navigate as Netflix. The biggest con is the price; at $15 a month, HBO is the most expensive on this list.

Coming in at $8 a month, Disney+ is one of the more niche services on the list. Home to Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and shows like “The Simpsons”, there isn’t too much on the catalog, but what is there is generally very high production quality. While it isn’t the best individual service on the list, it is good to have on top of one or two of the others, as it is the only place to find Marvel and Star Wars content, including all of the new shows that are coming out.

NBC’s Peacock is special because of the free tier it offers, but it has ads and a limited catalog. For those who want to watch shows such as “The Office” and “Vigil”, there is both a $4.99 plan with ads, and a $9.99 plan without. On top of that, Peacock offers the best service for live events, which was proven with their coverage of the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl. Overall, I don’t think that the paid plans are entirely worth the cost, but there is no reason to not use the free version.

Paramount offers the same payment plans as Peacock, with the exception of the free version. However, it has good access to live news and sports coverage and has a few more shows that might be worth the extra cost, such as the new “Halo” show and the entire “Star Trek” catalog. Certainly the best part of the show comes from its older shows. Furthermore, it has every Nickelodeon show and Comedy Central stand-up special.

At the end of the day, it seems like a new streaming service is popping up every week, and each one provides something a little different, but if you had to choose one or two, HBO Max and Netflix still reign supreme.