Parkway North Theater Prepares For Its Newest Production, “And Then There Were None”

Head of construction Aman Pai and lead director Chad Little take measurements for a stage prop. Construction’s job is to create the set for the play, which is necessary when creating an immersive atmosphere for the audience.
Tumi Amailuk and Isabella Roman work together to assemble set pieces. The meticulousness and precision of seemingly simple tasks, such as drilling these two boards together, is quite the task. An imbalance in a single plank can collapse the whole set.
Painting is the step in set creation that establishes the time period of the play. It’s important to define the right tone for the audience. In this case, construction is trying to make the appearance of an old mansion off the coast for the mystery.
Senior Sara Rodgers work on the set. The play, based on Agatha Christie’s 1939 novel of the same name, will be performed starting Oct. 19. “Seeing everything come together is really fun,” Pai said. “That’s what’s so satisfying about it.”
The tech booth above the audience house manages the sound effects and lighting, which determines the mood of a given scene.
Stage Manager senior Lexi Rechek goes through the stage directions of a character during rehearsal. Stage directions tell the actor where to move during their lines. This process, called blocking, is crucial to ensure performers execute the scene without issues.
Actors sophomores Maggie Noble and Matt Andrews rehearsing lines for the show. Memorizing is a key part of being an actor, but delivery is also important in order to show emotion felt by the characters.
Students go over lines as they prepare for the play. “It’s chaos, but really fun, controlled chaos,” said senior Celia Weignart.