Parkway North Holds Regional Art Show

Before the storm of people arrive to see their artwork, it’s peaceful and quiet. The art was displayed before more than 400 people attending the first real regional art show since COVID.
Students in grades K-12, who were chosen by their teachers to share their artwork with the district, show their artwork to everyone. “All of the art teachers get to choose who makes it to regionals. We obviously wish everyone could make it but that isn’t the case,” art teacher Christa Ollinger said.
Waiting in line to view the art show, parents, students, and other community members pass the time by conversing. This year, North decided to have it in the multipurpose room instead of the commons so the art could be up for longer and more people could enjoy it. This allowed students who could not make it to the show to view it during Academic Lab the same week.
Sophomore Chad Moore draws a cat next to a light bulb. “When I draw I wouldn’t say I’m in an inspired mindset. I’m usually just bored and like to play around with different things to see what I create,” Moore said.
Observing their kids’ art, parents, along with other community members, view the art display on March 7 in the multipurpose room. This was the 51st art show at Parkway North and parents and students were excited to see it.
Using an abstract style, an elementary school student displays their creativity with paints. They use contrasting colors to highlight the main focus of the dragon.
Families gather around the art made by students from regional schools surrounding North High. They viewed the progression of students from elementary school through high school as part of the art program.
As the artwork lines the walls, spectators observe different styles of art and discover which style they like best. This included abstract, realism, and classicism.