Athletes compete in first track and field meet of the year

To kick off the first meet of the year, junior Zyan Royal along with other runners prepare to compete in the Boys’ 100 Meter Dash. Parkway North hosted the first track meet on March 31, with athletes coming from all four Parkway High Schools.
Taking off from the blocks, junior Zyan Royal beats his competitors to place first in the fastest heat of the event. The 100 Meter Dash is a trademark of track and field and always has fierce competition.
Sophomore Sophie Wong maintains her stamina while competing in the Girls 3200 Meter Run. Wong has been a long-distance runner since her freshman year and has built up endurance in the off-season.
During the Boys 4×200 relay race, freshman Joshua Nichols prepares to hand off the baton to sophomore Raymond Moore. “This was my first ever event in track, and I was ready to prove that I could do it,” said Moore.
During the handoff, Nichols trips. “I was cool about it– you know, everybody messes up,” said Nichols. Nichols explained that he wouldn’t let this setback affect his later events. “I’m definitely going to redeem myself. I will make my team proud.”
Junior Kalina Zheleva runs in the 1600-meter race where she placed fourth. Long-distance takes mental strength to keep endurance. “I tell myself to keep on going– I try to visualize the finish line,” Zheleva said. “I love long-distance, but it definitely hurts sometimes.”
Sophomore Symone Boyd places second in the the Girls’ 400-meter dash after competing in this category for the first time. “I can’t wait for the next meet,” said Boyd said. “I just know I can do so much better and beat my [personal record].”
Sophomore Ryan Thein remains stoic while competing in the Boys’ 1600 meter dash. “I run all the time, and it never gets easier. I just tell myself, ‘It’ll all be over soon’,” Thein said.