Staff beats students in volleyball game

Seniors Caden Richards and Nathan Klein act as commentators for the Parkway Norths student vs staff volleyball game on April 25 during AcLab. The two students hyped up the crowd with comedic commentary and narration. “We’re two class clowns, what can I say?” Richards said. “The people love us and I like to make people laugh”.
Social studies and track coach Jeff Kinney serves the ball in the first set. “I’m really competitive, so I like to participate in these games,” Kinney said. Kinney also played in this year’s kickball game against students. “It’s fun playing with the students. They’re really good at trash talk. It’s funny.”
At the end of the first set, the staff were dominating the students 24 to 8. “I love to play against the kids. They keep me feeling young,” assistant principal Mike Rizzo said. “I have a lot of fun winning every time.”
DJ Boogie spins records and remixes during the volleyball game and gets the crowd hyped by singing and dancing along. “[DJ Boogie] picked some nice songs. He seemed like he was very hip and knew what we wanted to hear,” sophomore Cali Graeler said. DJ Boogie played songs including FNF by Glorilla and Mo bamba by Sheck Wes.
Student players watch the intense game from the bench and cheer on their teammates. “We were on the edge of our seats the whole game. If I got in the game more, I think we could’ve won,” junior Zion Luckett said. Luckett volunteered to play in the volleyball game and scored 6 of 16 points for the students.
The crowd watches the game hoping for the students to take a win after losing to the staff at the kickball game and the basketball game earlier this year. “I was cheering for the students, but I knew the teachers were going to win,” sophomore Elmo Gillian said. The game and engagement grew in intensity at the end of the game with the students losing 16 to 28.
Spanish teacher Carly Hampton serves the ball in the second set helping to seal the staff’s victory over the students.