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Parkway North marching band continues winning streak


After coming off of several wins on Sept. 23, the marching band will continue performing at competitions in Potosi on Oct. 14 to keep their winning streak alive.

¨I think our competitive season has been going well. Everyone is really focused and cares about doing well,” junior Elizabeth Fuehne, drum major, said. 

The marching band went to the Wright City Competition on Sept. 23, where they earned first place in their division, and percussion and guard earned first in both the indoor and outdoor competition.

“I was really happy because I felt like all of our hard work paid off – all those weeks of working on our music and our drill,” freshman Clara Amailuk said.

At the competition, bands from Missouri schools competed in divisions 2A-6A. Bands performed specific drills and music that they have been rehearsing for months including color guard drills, percussion, and wind instrument performances. Parkway North is part of the 4A division.

“It was fun. The students worked really hard…they played to the best of their ability and I really think, while not everything in a live performance is going to be perfect, I think it was fairly representative of what we can do at this point during the season,” band director Andrew LaRose said.

To prepare for competitions, the band practices before and after school and plays for the student body every Friday morning when there is a home football game.

¨We´re working usually eight hours a day practicing our music and marching. Band is a lot more work than people give it credit for, and North band has shown how much effort they put into it,” LaRose said.

The band also is busy entertaining the student section at the home football games.

“We’re developing not only what we do at football games, which is our pregame and our stand tunes – which is a lot of fun to entertain the audience, but we’re also working on a competitive show,” LaRose said.

Practicing almost every morning before school or after school and playing pep rallies every Friday for North students while also playing at Friday Night football in front of parents and students gets stressful. 

¨It was stressful at times, but I understood we needed the practice because competition was coming up,” Amailuk said. 

Fuehne, who has been a part of marching band for three years has learned to balance marching band, volleyball, family, and a social life.

¨It can definitely be hard at times to balance my responsibilities outside of band and responsibilities as drum major,” Fuehne said.

Their perseverance and hard work have paid off since they are winning.

“They should be recognized at competitions and here at school for their hard work…they are a good band. They’re working hard and they’re competing against tough schools, and they’re coming out on top, which is a great, great place to be,” LaRose said.

Even though the band has been doing well and practicing a lot, they know they can still improve.

“I learned that the performance isn’t going to be perfect and I should grow from that,” Amailuk said.

The marching band is having fun and is ready to take on their next competition since they are always prepared and united.

“Before we perform, the energy is like pretty high – in a good way though. We were all ready. You’re hyped up and I guess personally, I felt like, prepared enough to do well,” Amailuk said.

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