Meet Sophomore Audrey Chang

Meet Sophomore Audrey Chang

Jordan Eisen, Sports Commentator

What sport do you play?
I do swim and I play tennis.

Why did you choose swimming?
I thought I’d try out something new this year.

Why do you like swimming?
Swimming keeps me in shape and the team is great at including everyone, including new teammates.

What’s been the biggest struggle of swimming?
Having enough energy and time to focus on school, personal time, or other things is really tough.

What classes are you taking?
I’m taking a lot of honors classes, drawing, Spanish 3, and a computer class.

What’s it like having to balance schoolwork and a competitive sport?
It’s hard. I turn in a lot of late work because when I get home, I shower, eat, and want to go to sleep.

Do you have time for any other things?
When we don’t have swim practice, I’ll think about hanging out with friends but I usually just sleep.
Do you think schools should do something more to help their student athletes?
It would definitely help if some teachers would allow some late assignments, but I would understand if some people abused that power. I’m not exactly sure what teachers could do, but even some extra credit would be a great help.