Parkway North Key Club Organizes Coat Drive In January and February.


Athletic Director Josh Martin gives back to children in need by donating to the coat drive sponsored by the Parkway North Key Club. People who would like to donate can drop off their coats in the bins located in the commons near Mr. Jones’ office and outside of the athletics office.

Norsestar Staff

The winter months in St. Louis can be brutal with low temperatures in January averaging 23 degrees. The Key Club recognizes a need for people to keep warm during these months and is holding a coat drive from Jan. 5 until Feb. 28 to benefit children living in foster homes this winter.
“The goal of the event is to help people out who need it. Some people can’t afford coats and they’re struggling right now this time of year. So if you do have any coats you should donate,” junior Imaan Tahir, president of Key Club said.
The coat drive is open to all students and faculty members who are able to donate coats.
“Our goal for the coat drive was around 100,” club sponsor Caitlin Edmonds said. “I’m hoping that we have at least like 20 down there right now because we’re going to the end of February.”
The Parkway North Key Club, which has recently returned to North, hopes to meet their donation goal since this is the first coat drive they have had.
Key Club resumed this year after the pandemic, thanks to Tahir and other members. The club meets every first Tuesday of the month, and the next one is coming up soon on Feb. 7.
“I noticed that [Key Club] was on the school website, but I asked [Mrs.Edmonds], and she said that we didn’t have it anymore. I asked her if we could start it back up…Then, I told all my friends about it,” said Tahir.
It is very easy to get involved with the community and the Key Club. People who are wondering about joining only have to ask Edmonds in room 2509.
“We look for opportunities to volunteer within the school, but also within the community,” Edmonds said. “It is basically a service club dedicated to volunteering and serving others,” said Edmonds.
For those interested in donating, there are two places to do so. There is a bin located in the commons near Mr. Jones’ office, and one located in the activities office near the upper gym. Donated coats must have no holes or stains and can be any size.
“Any time you can give back to the community to those who are less fortunate and do a good deed, I think it helps. The cause helps somebody keep warm in cold times,” said athletics director Josh Martin, who donated a coat and plans to donate more.