Concert Orchestra 1 Performs at Winter Orchestra Concert

Freshmen Norah Huntebrinker and Luke Hayes rehearse before the Winter Orchestra Concert on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023. This will be their second concert so far in their high school career.
Freshman William Nord leads the rehearsal for the day. Typically, Nord plays the standing bass, but for this rehearsal, he is conducting while conductor Ken Rapini is away.
Freshman Michele Grinko and fellow violinist Giselle Lopez study their music before their concert. Members consistently practice the songs so that they can skillfully perform in the orchestra.
Nord and the other members of the orchestra rehearse their music and tune their instruments during class. Students learn and practice their music during class and are required to perform at the concert as part of the class. “I like playing the music and the vibe of being in the group,” Nord, a standing bass player in the 9th-grade concert orchestra, said.
Freshmen Matthew Denny, Uyoyo Omunu, and Prakhar Singh, all members of Concert Orchestra 1 , sit with bows ready as they are about to start off the Winter Orchestra Concert.
Concert Orchestra 1 performs “Sinfonia in D” while conductor Ken Rapini guides the performers through the song. The freshmen have practiced this symphony since their last concert in November of 2022.
Freshmen Michele Grinko and Nadine Bredell sit ready to play as part of Concert Orchestra 1 for the Winter Orchestra Concert. “I love learning new pieces and having them come together and sound good towards the concert date,” Grinko, a violinist in the 9th-grade concert orchestra, said.
Performing their last song, “Polar Express”, the members of Concert Orchestra 1 put all of their talents into the finale of their Winter Orchestra Concert. After their performance, Concert Orchestra 2 and the Symphonic Orchestra played.