Parkway North Theater Stages New Musical “The Lightning Thief”


Technicians junior Roman Schadt and senior Aman Pai work on the set of “The Lightning Thief.” The set took a total of 13-14 weeks to complete.

Parkway North has not seen a full-scale musical production since the 2020 production of “Seussical”, and since then many things have changed. Three years of theater students have come and gone and the school has endured the difficult years of Covid-19. Now, in 2023, a new production of “The Lightning Thief: A Percy Jackson Musical” has come to the school stage, and the cast, crew, and viewers alike have a lot to say.
One of the main things people come to a show to see is the actors on stage, and the stories they have to tell.
“I enjoyed doing this show,” said Celia Weingart, one of the lead actors in the show. “I’m ultimately really happy with how it turned out, despite some struggles.”
The show ran for about two hours each night, and was staged for a total of four nights from March 1-4 and included 19 actors.
“Being able to interact with so many different types of people has allowed me to perceive myself differently,” said junior Roman Schadt, a sound technician for the production. t. “Knowing a lot of different people… it gives a more positive outlook on life.”
One of the often less discussed aspects of any production is the tech and design that go into each factor of the show. North’s theater splits these aspects into Construction, Costumes, Props, Lighting, Sound, and Publicity.
Construction is dedicated to designing and building the set of the show, and well as many larger scene-to-scene setpieces. Props works to design and create most of the handheld props of the show used by the actors. Costumes conceives and tailors the clothing worn by the actors during the show, as well as working with costumes to make the wearable props. Lighting and Sound designs and executes the show’s lighting and sound effects.Publicity advertises the show to the public, as well as other things like designing the playbook.
“It’s stressful sometimes, but I’ve met a lot of people I’d otherwise not have known,” Schadt said. “It’s been a great opportunity.”
The show was very positively received by viewers, even managing to sell every seat during the Friday night showing.
“It was the most spectacular thing,” said Ariela Grad, one of many theatergoers for the production. “I had high expectations, and they were still exceeded.”
“[Theater] has made me more confident…you find a community of people who are very similar to you,” Weingart said.