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St. Louis Libraries introduce Teentober

During Teentober, freshman Josiha Smith learns how to use the VR. The Saint Louis Libraries, including Thornhill across the street from school, are offering fun activities geared towards teens this month.

The St. Louis libraries are doing an event all October called Teentober. Teentober is an event the libraries of St. Louis are hosting for all ages, but it focuses on things teens like to do. 

Freshman Joshian Smith attended the VR night at Thornhill Library on Oct. 10, one of many free events on the Teentober calendar.

”It was a really fun experience for me,” Smith said. It was his first time attending an event and doing VR. He said that he would definitely do it again. “I want to do it today actually,” Smith said.

The St. Louis County Library across the street from North is about a two minute walk and holds events all year round making it a convenient place for students to hangout before a home game, get homework done, or participate in the Teentober events.  

“The people there are really nice and it’s a fun time for me,” Smith said.

Students go to the library everyday after school to do homework, talk and catch up with friends, and even sometimes get food and or drinks from the three vending machines. 

“I really like going to the library after school. I talk to all my friends. But because of the fact that a lot of people go there, it can get very crowded and loud,” freshman Isabella Belcher said.

The library can get very full after school. On Oct. 19, there were over 20 students that came to the library after school: some waiting on parents, while overs were waiting for the 5 p.m. senior night soccer game. Fuehne was there after school waiting to watch the soccer game, while Belcher was waiting for her parents to pick her up. 

“I go to the library a lot before home games. I hang out with friends and it’s a lot of fun,”  freshman Caroline Fuehne said.

Since the libraries have started this program, teens can do even more than just hang out at the library. Besides VR, other events that are part of Teentober include LaserTag, Mario Kart Challenge, and  a Halloween game night.

“I’m excited for the slime event, it sounds super interesting and fun. I will definitely be going to that,” freshman Micah Parks said.

The library is a normal spot to hang out after school, but this month, they are offering even more for teens to do. These events can be crowded, so teens who are interested need to sign up for the events by going to the library’s website.

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