Review: Where is the Best Place to Study for Finals?


With the end of the semester just ten days away, students have been spending time keeping up in their classes while also studying for finals. Senior Caylah Johnson studies in the library at North during first lunch.

Zainab Khan, Radical Reviewer

Tis the season. Finals season, to be exact. With finals just around the corner, students often find themselves studying nonstop to make sure they are well prepared for all the upcoming tests, and also so that they are ready for the end of the semester.
Students will frantically study for their final exams, which will be in most of their classes, while also keeping up with other priorities like missing assignments, retakes, projects, etc. which adds to the stress.
With all of these upcoming tests, the question is where is the best place for students to study for all these final exams?
There are endless amounts of places to study such as cafes, libraries, restaurants, even in the comfort of your own house.
The Barnes and Noble at West County Mall is a popular place for students to study at. Barnes and Noble, in general, is just a great place to study because it is similar to a library. It is quiet and calm and there are books everywhere which is a vibe that some students may find beneficial. There is even a cafe inside with a variety of drinks and snacks.
The problem with Barnes and Noble though is that it is a store. This means people are constantly coming in and out, which can be distracting. Workers are also always re-stocking books or helping customers find certain things around the store.
Also, if you find studying alone more efficient, Barnes and Noble is a great place for you to check out because it is basically designed for independent studies, but if studying with a group of friends or classmates is easier for you, then Barnes and Noble may not be the best place to study.The cafe has a couple of tables and there are some sofas in the back of the store, but they are only designed for one or two people at max.
The St. Louis County Library Thornhill Branch is another popular study spot. Libraries should automatically be a perfect place to study because their whole purpose is to have a reliable place for people to concentrate, study, and work that won’t be disruptive. Libraries are also useful for offering many resources such as textbooks and computers.
The Thornhill Library is a solid place to study because it is close, quiet, and serene. There is lots of space and tables that seat four to five people, which means there is space for more group studying. The library was designed with both group and individual studying in mind and set aside a room, which can be reserved for groups to study together without disturbing others. The library even has a rest station with vending machines.
Cafes and coffee shops are also becoming a trendy place for students to study too. Starbucks is nice because, it is definitely the most comforting place to study. The lighting is dim, there is a fresh scent of coffee, and there are plenty of tables, ranging from small to big, for both individual studies and group studying.
Many people turn to caffeine including coffee when they are studying because it helps energize them and helps them maintain focus, which is possibly why people turn to Starbucks for studying and working. Of course, the down side is that the coffee is expensive and there may be distractions from the other costumers in the cafe.
Although there is a variety of places to study and with finals next week, students will definitely turn to places like cafes and libraries to study, because sometimes studying at school or at home can be really distracting.
Bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops are the most popular places for students to study because of the environment. Those places whole purposes is to maintain a perfect environment to maximize productivity.
Thornhill library, Starbucks, and Barnes and Noble provide students with a good place to study that meets their needs. In the end, it is up to the student to decide what places meet the requirements they need in terms of studying.