Taylor Swift’s “evermore”, A Continuation of Her Narrative

Taylor Swift’s “evermore

Taylor Swift’s “evermore” is an extension of her previous album “folklore.” “evermore” brings warm and folklorian vibes, similar to her previous album, but the experience of writing more songs in the span of 5 months was new to Swift and her team.

Zainab Khan, Radical Reviewer

On Dec. 11, 2020, Taylor Swift surprised her fans and listeners with “evermore”, a continuation of her previous album, “folklore”, giving fans two full albums in a year. “evermore” is Swift’s ninth studio album, including 15 tracks that continue Swift’s raw narrative first revealed in “folklore” with an eclectic vibe and memorable lyrics.

The aesthetic of this album is very warm and is reminiscent of a tranquil and serene setting someplace in the woods, surrounded by nature and warmth.

It was a new experience for Swift to write so many songs for one concept, which made the whole idea of “evermore” even more exciting. Swift is known for her personal songs, so it wasn’t surprising to hear such poetic and story-like lyrics included in the verses, but it was exciting to hear a continuation of the story and themes from the previous album.

It is no lie that Swift knows her way around poetry, for each lyric and verse was crafted to tell a meaningful story, as if she was reading her diary out loud. It was impressive how she was able to write songs that connected to one other. Even if one was happy, while the other was sorrowful, they still related to each other and formed something meaningful.

This album is especially memorable to Swift and her fans, since it has been years since Swift released country music. Swift made the switch to a pop genre in 2014 with her popular “1989” album, but has incorporated country vibes into her latest album by using acoustic and piano instrumentals even though the genre is alternative/Indie. Spending most of her early life in Tennessee and starting her career from country music, it is assumed that it holds a special place in her heart.

Along with keeping the original tone of the album, with its calming instrumentals, Swift also incorporated pop beats into her last track “closure.” It was enjoyable to see her tie together both of her genres, pop and country.

The last track, by the same name of the album, ties all of the previous songs together perfectly by including soothing instrumentals from a piano and guitar while also playing around with different beats in the background. It gave the songs variety and made it more compelling to listen to.

Taylor Swift’s “evermore” album is definitely worth giving a listen to. Although, it may not fit the tastes of everyone, it’s perfect for those who desire music in the country or alternative genre, or if you’re just a fan of her previous music. I would give “evermore” a 10/10.